Orthomosaic of a Port storage area to integrate in the comapany´s GIS

LOCIS operates on the North of Spain (Asturias) several drone models designed for specific cartography and industrial jobs.

Our company experience working with geographical data allows us to integrate drones in our operations in an effortless way. We consider aerial photography with drones a mean to achieve our clients requirements and not as a goal itself. That is why we focus in capturing great quality data in the most efficient and accurate way.

Accuracy, reliability and cost are our priorities above all other considerations.

Examples of some of our works:

3D model of an industrial building

3D model of a forestry work

3D model – sea defense

LOCIS is an authorized drone operator by the Spanish Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA). We are experts in drone laws, restrictions and what our drone can or cannot do. We advise our customers in a free and independent way.

If you need a drone operator in Spain do not hesitate to contact LOCIS.

Some of our works by field are:

  • Industrial: aerial inspection, industrial sites aerial view, thermography, industrial security…  Our drones can get where a human eye cannot or do it in a faster, safer and cheaper way.
  • Civil works and urban planning: site inspection from the air, illegal works inspection, aerial reporting…  Our processes are fast and efficient. We can georreference hundreds of aerial pictures within hours so you get a view of your area of interest in no time. With resolutions of 3px/cm our standard pictures fit most works.
  • Cartography and topography: point clouds construction and/or processing, 3D model building, orthophotography…   Most aerial works can be done with a drone instead of a plane nowadays. Bring us your case and we will provide the best solution based on our experience and wide technical knowledge.

“Add great aerial data to your project and increase its value”

LOCIS is registered as a DRONE OPERATOR BY AESA (Spain´s Aerial Security Agency)