Our cartography department provides high quality map making and geographic  solutions to the public administration and all size companies.

Most of our works are made looking for an specific adaptation to our clients needs, bringing originality and functionality to each project.

Mapping Production

LOCIS works in mapping production and updating for all types of areas and scales using digital photogrammetric restitution processes. We have resources, both human and technical to the implementation of large mapping projects, developing each task of the production process.

Some of the common activities within this department are taking data with different devices and methods, mapping production in GIS/CAD format, integration of cartography into geographic information systems, quality control of geometries and attributes; and surveying techniques for detailed information capture.

In addition, we provide custom mapping support for companies that require any kind of map for their projects and reports. Our experience allows us to make good and fast decisions and offer a service adaptable to the needs of our customers.

Some of the services and products most in demand of this area are:

-Design and creation of thematic maps (location, vegetations, habitats, viewsheed, geological…).

-Street map of cities.

-Tourist maps.

-3D Mapping and Digital Terrain Models.

-Noise and air pollution maps.

These maps offer a professional look to any study and give the possibility to make detailed calculations, reducing field work and optimizing the relation cost-time for our clients.

Geographic Information Systems

LOCIS offers GIS services and solutions, both to public and private enterprise. Geo-referenced data management through a GIS, allows the exploitation of the best mapping tools combined with big and complex data bases.

The economic performance of this tools is highly demonstrated, and the globalization of the service has allowed their costs are perfectly affordable, even for smaller organizations using free software.

Working with Geographic Information Systems is one of the main activities in LOCIS, providing regularly the following services:

-Implementation of Geographic Information Systems.

-Creation , adaptation and maintenance of spatial databases.

-Data Conversion/Migration.

-Consultancy in Geographic Information Systems .

-Development and maintenance of geographical information.

-Quality control and topology edition for big mapping projects.

These services can be developed according to the specific needs and requirements of our customers, offering customized solutions for each company.

Remote Sensing

The remote sensing techniques applied to satellite imagery, offer a wide range of possibilities as regards to obtain information from geographical areas at any scale and anywhere in the world, due to its global coverage.

Through a radiometric correction processing, spectral or atmospheric, we can get detailed information about the terrain applicable to many disciplines and with an enormous potential for the execution of complex spatial analysis.

In LOCIS, we have resources and technical capacity to implement this techniques, offering companies and public entities the following services in this area:

-Geological Inventories and Erosion Studies.

-Vegetation Inventories.

-Detection of surface water.

-Cartography of burned areas.

-Study of the dynamics of contaminated water.

These are just a sample of the most popular services offered by LOCIS from its Remote Sensing department. As in the other areas, we are committed to study each case individually and propose solutions tailored to each company.

Web Mapping

From LOCIS, we provide web-based GIS applications using tools such us Google Maps, Java, Leaflet or OSM. According to this purpose , we recreate static web maps where you can display the desired information on a fixed base, or also produces interactive maps which may include different navigation commands , search , develop additional layers or connect to updatable databases.

Interactive maps, gives the possibility to integrate a lot of information distributed in different map layers and apply animations in Flash format , whose main virtue agile and intuitive operation .

As a sign of this type of maps, through the following links you can access to visual examples of the main jobs that LOCIS has worked successfully in recent months :

• Search of Business Areas

• Educational Map of Historical Routes

• Search of Industrial Areas

In these real examples of interactive maps , you can appreciate the versatility to customize projects and usability to all audiences and multiple profiles.